Category: Angler Tips

Top lures for fall trophy bass

Our top Power-Pole pros provide insights into their favorite baits to throw when targeting the largest of the brawny bucketmouth bass. Read More

Powering up your paddleboard with Bote’s Rob McAbee

Rob McAbee, creative director at BOTE paddleboards, brings his BOTE board to life with the use of the Power-Pole Micro Driver in the waters off Amelia Island, Florida. Read More

Late summer bass tactics with Chris Lane

Throughout the summer, from sunup to sundown, Chris Lane advises to adapt tactics from shallow to deeper waters to find bucketmouth bass on the feed. Read More

Shallow water sharkin’ tips with J. Scott Butherus

Sharks –even really big ones — can inhabit very shallow water. It is especially true here in Florida where monsters can routinely be found in ten feet of water or less. Read More

Shallow water striped bass tips with Capt. Jesse Bloomquist

Backwater striped bass demand a stealth approach and mastery of position control. Put the Power-Poles down, and bass beware. Read More

Summer crappie tactics with Charlie Bunting

Charlie Bunting, a 3-time Crappie National Champion has fished for sac-au-lait competitively for over 32 years. Read More

Kayak fishing tips with Josh Deshauteurs

Mississippi-born Power-Pole Kayak Ambassador Josh Deshauteurs employs the Power-Pole Micro Driver and Spike in myriad situations when paddling. Read More

Spring walleye techniques with Chase Parsons

Longtime walleye pro and Power-Pole Ambassador Chase Parsons has a few tricks up his sleeve to dial marble-eyes in for the spring feed. Read More

Tarpon Tactics with Capt. C.A. Richardson

As late spring blends into early summer, Florida’s tarpon season is sliding into full swing. Power-Pole ambassador Captain C.A. Richardson is prepared to do battle with poons. Read More

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