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Moments with C.A. Richardson

Flats Class TV host C.A. Richardson talks about a chaotic Mother’s Day fishing expedition with his wife that he will never forget. Read More

Power-Pole Down Podcast: Checking in with Capt. C.A. Richardson – Ep. 14

Power-Pole Down talks to Power-Pole’s Pro-Staff member Capt. C.A. Richardson about his successful tarpon season. Louisiana fishing adventures, Conservation and the new plans for Flats Class TV. Read More

Tarpon Tactics with Capt. C.A. Richardson

As late spring blends into early summer, Florida’s tarpon season is sliding into full swing. Power-Pole ambassador Captain C.A. Richardson is prepared to do battle with poons. Read More

Power-Pole Down Podcast: Winter Tactics for the Flats – Ep. 10

Power-Pole Down talks to Power-Pole team member Capt. C.A. Richardson on how to catch “Gator” sea trout on those cold Winter days. Read More

Winter seatrout tactics with Capt. C.A. Richardson

Larger trout have the body fat to stay in the shallows, sometimes only a foot deep, darkening in color to absorb the sun’s warmth as they sit to ambush baitfish passing by. Read More

Power-Pole Down Podcast: Tarpon Fever & Power-Poles – Ep. 3

Power-Pole Down with Host Mark Zona talks with the Host of Flats Class TV Capt. C.A. Richardson about the upcoming tarpon season and using Power-Pole products to become a better angler. Read More

Angler Spotlight: Capt. C.A. Richardson

Capt. Richardson had major success fishing in regional tournaments in the 80’s and 90’s and went on to compete in national tournaments, traveling from the North Carolina coastline to Texas. Along the way, he honed his skills with localized techniques he perfected across the country and brought them back to his guiding business in Tampa, Read More